The Bridge

From East to West

between tradition and modernity


An Experiment

Ancient Syllables - Modern Music

The chanting of the Sanskrit words with its traditional melodies is still foreign to the Western Ear.


We decided to make this music to build a bridge:

  • between the spiritual Eastern world and the modern West that having lost its sense of spirituality is now seeking more and more a new spiritual way of life,
  • between the traditional ancient Mantra chanting and modern music by combining the holy Sanskrit syllables to a music that is pleasing to the Western ear.

This is an experiment.

We invite you to allow yourself to receivce the healing and the positive vibrations deep in every part of your body, heart and soul.


Mantra meditation does not come to an end after the chanting is finished; the vibrations stay with us the whole day or perhaps throughout our entire life. Each Mantra has its own vibrations with its own distinct quality like different keys to your soul and inner self.


We wish our audience 'good vibes'.